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Soil PH?

I'm a bit confused now, I need to lower my soil ph from 7 to 4.5 - 5.5,
does agricultural / dolomite lime ingrease or decrease the ph?

Increase in ph is decrease in acid isn't it?
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agricultural lime increases pH, making it more alkaline, "sweeter," less acid.

Since you didn't believe me the first time*, here's something from a university about it:

Lime is applied to the soil of home lawns to increase the soil pH. Soil pH, a measure of the soil's acidity or alkalinity, can directly influence the vigor and quality of the home lawn. When the pH is below 7.0, the soil is said to be acidic; when above 7.0, it is alkaline.

That was written about lawns, but the same applies to any other soil.

Use peat moss or sulfur to acidify your soil, lower the pH.

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And I answered this question elsewhere. I'm locking this discussion, because it is board policy not to have duplicate discussions.

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