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Maggots in compost

So I went to turn my compost today, and there were lots and lots of maggots.
I have a compost bucket at work that people can voluntarily put their scraps into, and I suspect it came from someone that put meat in there?

Is this neccasarily bad? Among many other bugs in there, they are certainly working hard and composting things fast!

I would assume I have to kill the bugs before I use it in the garden. How do you 'prepare' the compost for planting?


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I wouldn't worry about the maggots. They will either hatch into flies or die. You can also run your compost through a screen. People do this to get a consistency of compost particles and to remove objects they don't want.

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Normally the heat will kill them off or other predators will help them add to your pile, LOL!

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