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GREEN - It's Drowned Weeds time again!

I let the bitter cress go too long in the garden -- or the heat wave is making them rmature faster.... Anyway, I can't leave them to dry out and be mulch or just put them in the compost pile because they'll try to ripen their seeds before they die.

So I've put them in my trusty 4 gal pickle bucket -- it's wider and more squat than the regular 5 gal bucket -- and filled it with water. I just step in it with my garden galoshes on to dunk the weeds under.

This is not an aerobic process. I keep the lid on to keep out bugs and any chance of mosquitoes. I just go and galosh around when I'm out inthe garden. When they smell like horse manure, I figure they are ready, and turn my compost pile, layering in the drowned weeds. This heats up the pile fast! 8)

I'll probably make another batch before turning the compost pile again. I need some rich compost for the corn, okra, squash, and watermelons. :D

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good idea, specially for those weeds that like to come back after pulling.
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