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Composting HELP!

Well... I am new to composting and it is not going well! I am sure that I started at the worst possible time (September) and now have sludge. I feel like I should not be having this much trouble. I have an enclosed tumbler that I have been putting kitchen scraps in all winter long with the leaves we picked up in the fall. And an occasional armful of straw in an effort to keep things from getting too soupy. But to no avail! What am I doing wrong?

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having never used tumblers myself, I was reluctant to answer, but I agree-get it out and let it drain and add "browns"....
I started a compost pile, because I gardened. Now I find myself gardening, so I have someplace for my compost!!

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I don't like compost tumblers. They were never adaquate to my need.

I found myself adding holes to increase air-flow. Setting tumbler with side portal in the down possition to enhance drainage. Using a colander when transporting greens to tumbler (and in sink for collection)

I found myself adding quite a bit of shredded paper to enlarge browns and dry up the porridge of tumbler contents.

Keeping tumbler in full sun.

In closing.
I don't like compost tumblers. They were never adaquate to my need.
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If you were adding kitchen scraps throughout the winter, it just sounds like you had too many greens in comparison to browns.

And if the tumbler is what meets your need (you have a small garden, an HOA that doesn't like piles, etc.), then go with it.

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There is no such thing as ruined compost. Just put it in a pile in an out of the way place and let it dry out.

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