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Compost tumbler

Was just given a new compost tumbler, Its a liftetime 65 gal model, Has anyone used something like this before, I've always used the built up tire method, Lots of work that way and not very pretty to the eyes.
Just wondering I have a few questions.

How long does it take to make compost this way?? tire method always took all summer.. Do I still need to wet the ingredients?? How often do you spin it around?? should it be a slow spin?? With it being the end of February can I start adding things to the bin now to start the compost?? I know temperature also plays a part in making compost and it is still cold up this way. Should I fill the bin completely or leave breathing room??


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There are many threads discussing tumblers. On the toolbar at the top of your screen, click Search the Forum, select the Composting forum and enter "Tumbler" as a keyword. You'll find a lot.

There are some good threads over at the Gardenweb composting forum as well.

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