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Maggots on my soil, good or bad?

Hi.. i started planting dates seeds on a pot. on its 1-3 weeks i can see how it grows. and as a fertilizer I learned that multivitamins that are about to expire will benefit the soil, So i crush the multivitamins, mix them with water and watered them to my soil.

But after 2 days I notice that maggots began to form/show on my soil.

Should i be worried with these maggots? and get rid of them? or are they beneficial to my plant?

Thank you :flower:

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Not sure exactly what you mean with the maggots... are they big/little, white/brown, moving around alot or not, etc. Pictures might help--instructions for posting pictures here are in New to Helpful Gardener under HElpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.

But if I had to make a total guess, I'd think not beneficial (can't think of much in the worm/maggot/larva category other than earthworms that would be particularly beneficial). I would also guess that they are a sign that your soil is staying too moist.

Never heard of putting human multi-vitamins in soil. You certainly wouldn't want to do it unless it was an alternative to throwing them away, since it is an extremely expensive way to feed your plants. Personally I use vitamins well past their expiration date on the theory that those dates are pretty conservative. Many of the vitamins that are in them plants or soil microbes can synthesize. I would guess the main benefit of it would be the minerals in it.
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