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Used my compost pile to make my compost pile. Confused?

So, I'm trying to get more sustainable with my gardening. Naturally, a compost pile is a step in the right direction. My property backs against a pond, and I don't have much in they way of cover, so the best place I could find to create said pile is on the bank, which steeply slopes towards the pond. I dug a step in the bank about 4'x4', marked the corners with tall stakes, and began to assemble.

Whilst scratching my head about where to get materials to stock the pile, I got the brilliant idea to grab materials from the pile of discarded brush, bushes, and shrub clippings that sit on the vacant lot next door. As I started to grab materials, I noticed a considerable supply of...well, compost. Loads of it. The pile is about 15' in diameter. At the bottom of the brush is dark, pulpy material that smells wonderfully earthy.

Anyway, I did finish the pile on the bank, I had a gallon or so of scraps from the kitchen (collected in about a week), that I incorporated. I'll continue to add to that and water it. But, it looks like I have a nice supply of the stuff already that I created without even thinking about it. I wish I tell you how many times I've walked past that pile as a hauled 40 lb bags of compost I'd purchased at Home Depot.

It's this density of the brain I hope to overcome as I strive toward a better quality garden.

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That stash of compost under the brush pile is a great find!
With that, and the new compost you'll be making, hopefully you will never have to buy bagged "compost" again ... that would be awesome! :)

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