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Used "done" Horse manure (HM) compost for my brown

Season ending here, cleaning up broccoli, lettuce beet tops, weeds & other garden plants that needed pruned but no browns to add.
What to do??
I have tons of HM compost.
So I added 3 wheel barrow loads of done 2 year old, HM compost & mixed it in.
Should work. eh?
Also added a load of soil I pulled out of the Green house this spring so I could add new compost to the soil boxes, a perlite mix.
I mean it is brown. :)
5' X 5' X4' bin of 2 yr old HM compost.

Garden compost bin 6' wide, 5' deep, 5+ feet high. 2' of garden plants, mostly broccoli leaves. Mixing in HM compost.

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Your Horse Manure compost is beautiful !!! :) ... that's a bin full of "black gold" if I ever saw it.

However, I think that material is a Green; relatively high in nitrogen, even though the color of it is brown.
Got any cardboard or paper that you could cut up and add to the broccoli leaves? ... that might be a source of browns for you. Or, we're not that far away from Fall... will you have leaves at that time?

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Good idea
but it is all I had & I figured mixing some in might help bring the moisture down since everything I threw in was fresh greens. I need to remember to save/bag some leaves this year. On my list to get is a shredder/chopper, it would really help. I had to prune the brocc, 10 days of rain, this year the plants were huge & crowded with mold growing on the older leaves, getting the 3rd cutting now. Last of the year I think, but some pretty good sized head still.

Month of Sept is my compost making "Prime Time". Grass still growing a little, leaves on the ground. I mow & bag the mix, overfill the bins, in a few days they are hot & shrink fast so I can add more.
All thee garden plants a chopped up & mixed in. I have piles everywhere, as my bins are all over full & add the piles to the bins as they shrink down.
I usually get 3 to 4 yards of done compost from it all.

Leaves are just now starting to turn & few are falling, not enough to collect.
"Termination dust" on the mountains so our first frost is not far away.
Has been a great summer, Fall is in the air. :)

38°f last night, heavy dew on everything. To get into the 60s today, blue sky. Silvers are running, hunting season started. Garden going into the freezer. Pumpkins starting to turn orange.
I Love it. My favorite time of the year starting right now thru Sept.

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