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Theres a worm farmer in Macon Georgia area that is outside so must not be a problem with the heat so much.
There is also another one in South Ga and I figure it gets alot hotter down there than here.
Im near Macon myself.
i have one organic farm near me that also has outdoor worm bins.

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I'll add more browns and give it another try.

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lillgardnr wrote:
robyn514 wrote:(I know we-Americans are the only ones who use F:wink: )

:? what?
Fareinheit rather than Celcius. ;)

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opabinia51 wrote:Our summer temperatures can be as high as 30 degrees celsius which is about 90 F. The trick is to have lots of browns (I use leaves) and probably a shady area would work best.

Worm bins are actually designed to have inside but, I keep mine outside.
I live in Washington and it's beginning to get cold outside. I purchased the Worm Factory because it seemed like a great size for an apartment dweller. I kept it on my balcony in the summer and early fall, but I recently decided to bring it in because of the cold weather. I did encounter a gnat problem at first, but I collected a ton of leaves from outside and covered the top tray with them. That fixed the problem.

Now that it's inside, I haven't had to worry about my bin becoming too moist or too dry.

I love that I can produce organic fertilizer for my plants all year long! :D

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Worm castings are great fertilizer and what's more they are essentially free!

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I am interested in starting a worm bin, I already have a small compost pile. I am in GA just around the augusta area and I would like to know how to get started? My husband perked his ears up when I mentioned the subjuect (big fisher). But I quickly told him they were for my garden not to catch fish with. So any suggestions?
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