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Putting compost on the ground


I'm new to this forum, but not to the lawn and garden business. Having been in it full time since 1998 as a lawn and garden chain manager in Savannah, GA...there is no major problem with doing it from the ground, depending where you are located. I find that doing from the round attracts major unwanted rodents & snakes.

Plus one major reason I personally like using a compost tumbler is because of it's ability to mix the compost often for an even mix and being able to keep it contained so no unwanted pest come around. I also mix in a compost starter with my piles because it helps start the breakdown process. One last thing guys, the temperature is really important in the process of compost coming out right, it should be steaming and a dark brown or black when its done. Make sure to choose a well insulated compost bin or tumbler if you choose to go that route. :D
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I actually prefer using the ground without any constructed format because it makes it easier for me to move around as it goes through the various stages of decomposition. I have two piles and one is always further along than the other so I can easily move stuff from one pile to the other.

I used to watch my dad turning his pile (which was in a very tidy 4'x4'x5' enclosure) and he would cuss and sweat and bust his back trying to reach into his pile and get it properly turned. Then, when he was ready to use it, he had to remove the top layer, pull out the usable portion, and then put the unused portion back in. Seemed like too much work when he could have just had two piles of compost.

Of course, my back yard has a nice high fence and my piles are in the back corner of the yard so no one has to really look at them; I suppose that makes a difference.
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The double or triple pallet bin with removable doors is the best of both worlds. Turning is easy, the continuous batch process gets you finished compost whenever you need it without digging for it, and it's neat and contained.

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