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Just ordered my red wigglers (1 lb) any idea how hast these guys actually reproduce?

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Red wigglers are "litter" dwellers, meaning they like to live in layers of leaves, newspaper, coir, or similar matter.

The rate of reproduction depends on several factors: the initial population, the mix of ages in that population, the temperatures they experience in their habitat (which needn't track directly with the ambient temp--my worm habitat is protected from swift changes by being in the carport in deep shade under a wool blanket), what they're fed, etc.

Don't overfeed them. You'll know if you're overfeeding them the day you open the habitat and a terrible odor arises + the sight of uneaten food. Bleah.

Many of us on the forum are involved in worm composting. Search the forum on terms like

worm composting
worm compost
red wigglers
Eisenia foetida *or* Eisenia fetida

and you'll find TONS of info.

How many did you order, and where will they be living?

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