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I was told that I can make compost tea by putting manure in a sack and soaking it in a bucket of water for a week. Is that how it is done? If so, can I use the manure I buy at a store? It is sterilized, will that matter? I don't know anyone with horses so I can't really get it any other way.

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Compost tea is a deep and wide topic, but a few brief pointers:

Probably best not to use fresh, because of the bacteria.

If you don't force air into the water, after a couple days it will get very anaerobic and stinky. So, use it within a day, or do what some people do and make an aerator using an aquarium pump.

Store bought compost or manure will work for this, although fresh, biologically active home made compost is probably the best.

See the Sticky thread at the top called Aerated Compost Tea and you'll learn all kinds of stuff about compost tea.

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I think that would be manure tea, not compost tea. But also a good fertilizer.

What tox said!! I don't think you want to let it sit a week unless you are going to aerate it. In fact even the people that make the aerated teas usually only brew them 24 -36 hrs.

I make a not-aerated compost infusion (probably can't call it tea). Since I'm not aerating it much, I only let it sit an hour or so, stirring frequently during that time.

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