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Started 4 compost in baskets yeaterday!

I placed leaves in some baskets over 2 months ago and toped the leaves with some comost material then put more leaves on top! The baskets were outside and froze and covered with snow. I brought the baskets 4 of them into my solar greenhouse and took alf the leaves out that were on top of the compost material. I then added some urea and blood meal and covered it with a little dirt and planted some seeds. I planted lettuce kohlorabi ,RADISH onions and some sunflower seeds in each basket mixed in each basket. I then covered the seeds some and watered it alittle. Now I will see what happens and if the soil is heatd next week by the compost! The bushel baskets are loosely made and alow alot of air to enter from the sides! If this works I may start all my seeds with a layer of compost and a nitrogen source at the bottom of my boxes with leaves as the brown material! I can't wait till march when I will start plants and seeds in my 6 cold frames that are full of leaves now! I will also put the hot base COMPOST in the cold frames about a foot deep! Just a few degree increase is all I am Looking for along with a jump inprodution when the roots reach the rich compost in a month or so! I love gardening and do it the hard way for extra exercise!

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