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Maybe I'll build the next bin outside

From the LA Times website, 2010 11 23

BURN ONE DOWN: Authorities discovered nearly 1,700 marijuana plants when a compost pile in the living room of a gang-operated grow house caught fire Monday morning in north San Gabriel, reports the Pasadena Star-News. "We get a couple of these a month," said L.A. County sheriff's Det. David Mertens.

"We get a couple of these a month," ???

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Wow, they sure must have had that compost pile cooking! I guess when your compost pile is full of mj leaves, you don't want to build it outside?

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Marlingardener wrote:I wonder if the entire neighborhood was out sniffing the smoke off the compost pile?
LOL. Pizza orders were up for the day! :D

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All-time classic composting blunder! LOL

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