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I put some medium sized plant pots under each corner of my worm bin, then set the actual bin with the worms etc. on top of that. gives it a bit more air, between the bottom of the bin and the lid on the floor. Make sure your bin is about 3/4's full, and dampen slightly when adding more leaves or newspaper. They should be fine. Have fun!! :wink:

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I find kitchen scraps in an ordinary bucket can get very smelly and moldy if not emptied fairly frequently and despite my best intentions to empty the bucket more often I do forget when work and other duties encroach.

I think the Bokashi method has lots of pluses for kitchen scraps particularly as meat, fish and dairy can be included.
I am interested to hear about the experiences others have with Bokashi

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We had some discussion about bokashi/em in [url=]this thread[/url]. There's also another thread that I can't locate at the moment but I think there's a link to it in the thread. :D

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Checked my new worm bin. The material I put in it has definitely reduced in volume and as near as I can tell all the kitchen scraps I put in it are gone already. Had to dig around a bunch to find any worms, but I did find some and they were noticeably bigger than any of the babies I put in there!

So I added another cup of coffee grounds and kitchen scraps. Since it's warmer and wetter today than it was the last time, I went out and dug a few more worms out of my compost pile (maybe another dozen or so) and added them. Added a cup of warm water to keep everything moist and covered it all back up!

MH has still not noticed it! :) Even when I open it up and peel the brown paper back off the top, it smells like nothing but earthy and the fall leaves I put in it. This is so cool!

But so far at least, I definitely still need my compost pile too. Maybe it would be different if you started with 500 or 1000 worms. My 50 or 60 can't eat up kitchen scraps nearly as fast as we make them.

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