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So I read the Compost tea thread and....

So I read the Compost tea thread and 3 hrs later I have settled on plan for my compost tea. I did not realise the issues with bacteria that come into play with ACT. The first two batches that I made, I had to discard. One because I left it for 3 days after I made it ( think I read somehwere if it smells bad it is bad ) and man did it smell :shock: :? . The second I added Fish emulsion and let brew too long whew ! :?
So I will error on the side of caution:
5 gallon bucket
Fish tank areator
Worm castings in a tied bag. 2lb
Add 2 tbs of mollases.
Let brew for 24 hrs.
Add 2 tbs of fish emulsion before applying.
I ill probably dilute with another 5 galls before applying.

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I have not read all the ACT thread.

We make 25 gallon batches, witch dilutes into 200 gallons.

So maybe your 5 gallons will dilute into 40 gallons.

Maybe it is time for me, to read all the way through the topic.


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