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Compost glob

I am a new composter. I have a small barrel type that can be rotated. It is a little better than half full. I have added shredded paper and kitchen waste and water. Now it is a wet glob. what should I do? Rissa
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Risa ,
add some leaves , i guess its fall for you in Maine just like here in the UK ,so that should be no trouble and also a couple of spades of soil .
the leaves will help dry the mix a little ,and the soil will have the bugs worms ,and bacteria to start the composting process.
Give it a good turn every few days ,don't expect a fast break down as temperatures are dropping now .

Do have a look at the compost mix sticky at the top of this section ,plenty of ideas there , my guess is too much water and paper.
You could also add some twiggy bits to help break up the texture and let the air in ! I like to add thin willow twigs ,they break down fairly fast and i have a plentiful supply from next doors weeping willow.
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Nailed it

Sounds like the other two (com)posters nailed it.

Not a major disaster. It will compost eventually.

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If the weather is dry, you could leave the door open in between turnings for a few days, to help it dry out.

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Tried the barrel method once - never again.....just too hard to control the moisture content.


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