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Color printed paper bags OK to compost?

Is there any data on what kind of ink is being used for color printed paper bags -- grocery, fast food, etc.

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For paper bags a in dye-based ink is being used, that react with cellulose to permanently color the paper. But I don't know how it affects compost.
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I put them in the compost without ill affects, I think. Anyways they compost fine I do not know if the ink is organic or not. It is a pretty minuscule amount.
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I can't seem to find anything. I would think it is not terrible being that newspapers use soy ink. As far as the die not sure.

I compost it.

It's either that or the landfill. If it is at all toxic there can't be hardly any measurable amount and if so I'm taking one for the team.

:EDIT: here is a little something I found.

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