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Forced Air Composting....

When I searched the Web for ACT I came up with forced air composting as well so today I turned a big pile of compost ONTO Poop Tube with a few extra holes cut into it with a razor knife.
I know it may be a bit odd but with they leaf blower on low I actually think I am forcing quite a bit of O2 into the heap and am gonna try turning this pile a little less or not at all. If aeration is the key it'll be interesting to see if there is any difference. :) There may be but whether it will be discernable will be another thing.. :)

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Keep us posted! It will be interesting.

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I was reading in a book on composting and the author mentioned this method. He said he had tried it, but did not see any real benefit. In other words, he thought it was mostly hype.

But there again, this was his experience...yours may be different. Do keep us updated :).

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