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Free gardening/composting book

I'm posting this because Soil and Health's website looks to be defunct at the moment, and it contained some good ebooks, one of which was Steve Solomon's "Organic Gardener's Composting". Luckily, I found it available on Project Gutinberg, and in additional formats at Many Books.

Solomon is the founder of Territorial Seeds and the author of several organic gardening books, many of which are aimed at self sufficiency and efficient use of resources (green gardening, water conservation etc.). Because of this, in many ways his methods are contradictory to intensive/Square Foot Gardening.

This is not just a How-To-Make-Compost book, it is more of a soil health and organic gardening book. In addition to discussing composting, he discusses the history of organic methods and compares and contrasts organic with traditional theory and methods. He also points out imperfections in organic gardening dogma, explaining how organic methods can lead to lower nutritional quality than traditional farming (and how to prevent it from happening), how lasagna beds and Ruth Stout's method can be disasterous, and why compost should not be considered/used as a fertilizer.

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Thanks; we got a bunch of seeds from them.

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Yes thanbks I have it bookmarked. I lost all my links many of which were books on .pdf when my PC crashed a few months ago. Time to start filling it back up.

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