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Too much coffee?

So, I don't think that I put more than 10% coffee in the composter, but I have this sneaking suspicion that there is a large portion of coffee in the compster. The compost "tea" that I see looks suspiciously like coffee. Should I be concerned or not worry? Obviously the compost breaks down to a soil-like substance over time anyway so any liquid that comes out from the composter may look like coffee anyway.

So, let's say the compost was 80% coffee - is there anything to be concerned about?

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Re: Too much coffee?

csibona wrote:.... so any liquid that comes out from the composter may look like coffee anyway.
That's a good observation. I almost always put coffee and filters into my main compost vs. my worm compost, but no matter which one I use for dilution, it all looks the same.

I wouldn't be too concerned at the appearance. Monitor your plants and how they react to the "tea." If they're happy, then all is well. :)

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I tend to drink a lot of coffee and, as such, I have lots of coffee grounds in my worm bin. So far I haven't noticed anything wrong with my compost (or worms for that matter), but I guess it also depends on which plants you use it on and what the levels in it are and what type of worms you use.

I agree with Cynthia. If the plants like it then you don't have to worry. In the meantime, though, try experimenting by applying to compost to one or two plants to see how they react. Keep in mind that different plants will react differently to the compost so be careful whan adding it to a new plant. Moniter the plants for negative reactions and stop if anything seems wrong to you.

To tell you the truth, I don't test the levels of my compost. I use the above method to figure out if my plants do well. If they don't then I change it, but if they do then I keep up the good work :)

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