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My new compost tumbler

Here's a pic of my new compost tumbler my hubby made for me. It's starting to warm up too.


We found a metal drum to use instead of a plastic drum. I had written previously about using a plastic drum. Since plastic absorbs too much we felt it would be safer to get a metal drum.

After lots of research on the Web I found a free composter in my area. You pay $25 for the class & you go home with a composter. The state gives them away trying to get people to compost.

The township I live in collects leaves along the curb in the fall. I called about it & found out where they are. They are being composted for next year. I can have all I want too. If you are looking for leaves it may be an option for someone else.


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That's a great tip! Imagine that, they're teaching you how to do it and giving them away.

What kind of agency do you call to find out about these kinds of programs?

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I used Google & typed in compost & my state. I was looking where there was free compost - some towns have it & I was looking in my area. I am sure most states would have something like that.

I ended up with a link to one of our colleges Penn State. They had a link to it & also found a page where you put in your zip code & they tell you every township around you that makes compost. They also mentioned about the free composter give away but couldn't find out the where & how.

As for the free composter, it is advertised as a compost class, & when you start reading about the class, you discover a free composter. Maybe this will help. I live in Pennsylvania - program is co-sponsored by Pa Resources Council, Allegheny County Health Dept., & City of Pittsburgh - Environmental Services Division. Maybe check around in your area. This is the free composter -

They also have worm composting. Sign up for that class & learn all about it & make your own worm composting bin for $35.00

If they are gathering leaves at the curb there is free conpost for all the residents in that neighborhood.

You have to love the Internet - the information highway for sure.

I just went to Google & typed in my state & free composter - my source was about the 6th one down. You just have to have the right key words for searches to find what you are looking for. Okay everyone - go out there & get your free composter!

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