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Starting compost question

I have finally decided to just go ahead and start a compost pile. I have about space between my garden and my garage that I thought would work. Last year it was just all overgrown with stuff and had some kind of wasp nest so I stayed away. A couple of weeks ago I cleaned it up and put cardboard down on it. Two days ago I put some kitchen scraps down on it ( lettce, coffee, ego shells, carrot scraps ect.) I then covered that with leaves that were in the yard from last fall. Here is my question, are leave that I find on the ground now any good? Can I use them? Thanks!

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Yes, the leaves on the ground that have over-wintered are excellent additions to your compost pile IF you won't need the leaf mold where it already is.

Leaves left in place over a period of time (usually a year or more) decay into leaf mold naturally, a process accelerated in a compost heap. So leave them *or* move them; either way, you'll get good results.

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YAY!!! Starting a compost pile!! :clap: :clap: Congratulations..

Yes, last year's leaves are great in the compost pile. I am still using the ones I collected last fall... went around picking up other people's leaves that they had kindly bagged up and put out at the curb for me. Brought 8-10 bags of them home.

The kitchen scraps + leaves makes a good balance of greens + browns (read the sticky at the beginning of this forum), which is what you are looking for. As you keep going with the compost pile, you will find more and more things you can add... :)
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