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Came upon two big bricks of coir

So my friend just sold some type of amphibian and has two large bricks of coir. She's in the process of moving and said I could have them.

One brick is 12x12 inches and about 7 inches thick

The brand is called Forest Bed - Expandable Substrate.

What do I do with it?

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Unless you're planning to plant a lot of stuff right away, I don't think you want to soak the whole thing. A brick sized block expanded to about 3 gallons. A hatchet? Axe? Sledg hammer? Chisel and mallet? Score a line with a saw then whack? Mine -- not the same brand -- crumbled into fine particles -- something like peat moss.

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I second what applestar said. You can use it with worm castings to start seedlings or use with other ingredients for potted or container gardening.
I just started 112 seedlings in coir and castings about a week ago.

Good luck I wish I had those blocks! :D

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