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Using N-P-K powder to create best compost mixture.

I have created

1. Banana Peel Powder
2. Used Coffee Ground Powder
3. Fish Bone Powder

Can some one tell me the ratio of the above three and other materials to create best soil mixture AND also if this process of using powders in a good way to add organic nutritions to the plant.


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when using meals or powders, I start with 1-2 tbsp mixed in per gal of soil. my advice is less is best, over doing it is harded to fix then under doing it..
best of luck

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But do I add anything else other than the three powders to the soil for a perfect spoil mixture ?

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Compost. There's *much* more to soil than three nutrients, just as there's much more to a nutritional human diet than calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex. The importance of more nutrients (both for people and for plants) is being discovered all the time, as well as the synergies beween and among these nutrients.

Read through our Compost Forum as well as the remarks about the upcoming book discussion (Teaming with Microbes) for more information about this concept.

Happy gardening! :)

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Those three powders alone don't make compost. For compost, you need to compost a wide variety of materials. Having just a few ingrediants doesn't make good compost. You can definately add those to compost and potting mix to make better potting mix, but you can't just use those three alone to make dirt into good soil. The three big nutrients everything thinks are important, N-P-K, aren't always as important as the micro nutrients, like iron zinc, etc. You want a good even mix of all nutrients, with few shinning over the others. Basically, you should research your plants and find out what they wand, and adjust your dirt/soil to each plans needs. Usually a good compost will cover just about all plants.

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