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Vermicomposting, again

My family produces up to 1-1.5lbs of kitchen waste a day. If I save 1lb each week, and then place the wastes in the worm bin, how many worms will be needed for successful composting?

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I don't do worm bin (vermicomposting), but here's a nice article about it:


what it says about how many worms is this:

How Many Worms Do I Need?

Mary Appelhof suggests that the correct ratio of worms to food waste should be: for one pound per day of food waste, use two pounds of worms (roughly 2000). If you are unable to get this many worms to start with, reduce the amount of food waste accordingly while the population steadily increases.

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Jake, below is a VERY informative thread............(vermicomposting)


And it is visible from the main composting page. Before starting yet another thread (you have started 3), why not do a quick scan and post to a thtread that is already in progress?

It makes it easier on most folks to read and to those who have responded, reduces their redundant posts.

Just a thought my friend.


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