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A Compost Cage

Hi I was Wondering I have and old parrot cage and started composting in it will it work?

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How big was the parrot? :)

Maybe I have the wrong picture in my head, but bird cages I've seen (unless it's like an aviary) are too small to do much composting in.

Otherwise probably ok. My compost bin is a 4' cube of wire bars in a grid.
Works fine. The grid is not small enough to keep little creatures (e.g. mice, some birds, etc) out, but it is small enough to keep big creatures (e.g. groundhog and raccoon) out.

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Depending on the cage size, it can be yes or no. If it was a large parrot and this large cage, than you can use it and get a decent amount of compost. I wouldn't say alot, but a decent amount. All depends on how big the cage is. My brothers is about 2'x2'x4' and it'll make a decent amount of compost, but eventually once it gets small enough, compost will start falling out.

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a gilded cage?


Remove any paint first. With no idea what was in the paint you probably don't want any of it in your compost/soil/plants.

An iron cage will eventually rust but if it's heavy enough it will last a good long time and that rust will feed iron to the soil. I have to figure that if there was more iron in my soil some of our flowers wouldn't droop so much.


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