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The power of Compost

My brother inlaw couldn't understand why composting was so useful. He thinks it produces just plain old dirt, not nutrient rich soil. I decided to prove him wrong by showing him this picture.


4 Months ago I had this large pot sitting empty. No dirt, nothing. So I started throwing in some leaves, old grass, and other random plant matter. It got wattered when I watered the garden next to it, and even let water run through and drain nutrients into the garden(nothing survived the heat though). But it sat empty since we have pretty much no money so I couldn't afford to buy a plant for it.

Meanwhile, 3 months later I was trying to get wandering jew clippings to sprout in water, which I've done before. I think I tried too many in one pot though, as most started rotting, so I took them outside and planted them all in this pot. Probably about 8 were planted, but all but 3 got moved elsewhere. Now theres just these three a month later(now the present). No dirt, No potting soil, just compost, and three thriving plants!

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I've seen a difference in my plants and even more in my potted plants since I started using compost.
I've gardened for more than 20 years but only composted for 3.
I like your idea of watering that compost plant into your garden.
I like to pot my compost, water it well then let it dry out to kill the slugs.
I wish you were near me I have tons of extra plants and flowers. I save the seeds every year.
Try Freecycle. Lots of people give away lots of things and plants are one of them.

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Nice!! I thought you were going to show a comparison between a plant grown in "dirt" vs. one grown in compost, but that tells the story too!

Earlier this month I threw a pruned shrub limb into my bin and semi-buried it in the pile. A week and a half later, darned if that limb is still green and thriving... even though it gets NO sunlight!! Compost is potent stuff!

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