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Stella, you might want to see if you can find one made for outside use. Some of those cheap ties will get brittle and break right off after a few weeks in the sun and rain. I tried to use some cheap ones to secure some lights outside and they started breaking in no time.

I think I'm going to modify my bin too with some of these as my hinge and see how that works.

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I experimented with flipping them, using bungee cords to secure them, and they're just too unwieldy, so I am going to go with bungee cords instead of a hinge. I love dumping the material into its top, too, watching the compost pour out :) Now that they are starting to fill, I'm going to dig out one of my dog's old Queen Anne collars to use as a funnel.

Lots of heat in both of them this morning, by the way. Oh. I also learned that pine shavings alleviates most of the odors on the tuna fish bin 8)

I love composting on a small scale. This is fun. Each day is a treasure hunt as I dig through the fridge, window wells, and back yard. Today they get boiled eggs, sliced with the shells on. I also need to prune some leaves off my front squash so the gas man can read the meter.

Once I've filled these two, I'll have to combine them somewhere so they can finish cooking while I start some new batches. I wish I hadn't given my new neighbor my dog's old wading pool to plant her radishes in :x

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Here is a pic of the one I made in March. It's 3'6"T x 5'W x 3'D.

I'll have to get a recent pic to show the progress. I started with too many leaves, but I've been putting all of my summers grass clippings and the apples that my tree has dropped, so now I'm anxious for the fall leaves to rebalance it.

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