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The Helpful Gardener wrote:I'm staying quiet for a bit: I want a groupthink on this one...


Yeah, sorry, everyone, if I appeared to be excluding you. I'm actually interested in everyone's opinion with this subject.

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I think that is the trouble with letting a thread get as huge as this one. Personally I think it should be broken up and then some of the pieces locked. There's a ton of info in here, but it's not very accessible any more.

But there were big discussions of pump size on pages 16, 28, 30. Probably farther back than that too, I didn't keep looking....

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Good point RBG...

G5, here's my answer to your question you asked back in January...
A nice medium bubble has decent lift (for mixing) and still a nice surface area. The real trick is getting the bottom stuff to the surface; most of the gas exchange in any liquid happens there. Too fine a bubble makes for slow mixing... If you are making 5 gallons, anything that moves your water 3-4 times a minute would be great so think 15 to 20 gpm pump. A six inch airstone should do you; make sure to soak it in hydrogen peroxide with a little white vinegar between uses to keep the build-up and biological contaminants down...
And in February when you asked the same question again, Cynthia chided you to reread; she was right, too...

I know this is a behemoth but that is what the Search bar is for; it finds what you are looking for. It is always preferable to extending massive threads even further

To that end I am locking this thread down in it's current state. I encourage you all to start new threads around specific themes on ACT or direct extracts or whatever else you want to talk about; I look forward to those discussions.

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