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How long should I let goat poop compost?

I moved to the country fairly recently :D and my new house has a pasture where goats used to live, the shed in the pasture was filled with probably a year's worth of old goat poop and hay :wink:. It had aged long enough to not be stinky and I thought it would be perfect for my compost, so dug it up and put it in a pile alternating with weeds and extra hay and let it sit all winter. I only turned it three times, but it looks pretty good to me. 8) Can I use it for my veggy garden this spring?

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Sounds like it had digested itself already, so it should be fine after you composted it again. If it looks good, and smells good it's probably good...

Goats manure is much cleaner and easier to work with than bovine or poultry manures...

Scott Reil

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Oooohhh, envious over here. I could drive up to Santa Rosa if there's--ahem--too much of it for you to manage! (Or, of course, if you're not sure whether it's ready for use in the garden.) :lol: You're not *that* far away...

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