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How do I start composting?

So this will be the first time I compost, Im moving soon, and I was wondering should I start saving all my organic waste now, throw it in a trash bag and take it to the new house later, or is it to cold outside to start a compost pile? And how long will it take to be ready, Ive heard its a good idea to buy a recycled compost bin from the local dpw. But any info on starting a compost pile would help me greatly. Thanks for any advice you could offer!

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Gutholm, compost making that really does turn that organic waste into 'humus', which is the desired end product is not easy; in fact I would say a gardening art. Attention needs to be paid to what you include and in what proportions to gain the temperature required.
You will find many articles on the www about the subject but for starters here is mine from my website.

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How much material will you be composting and what do you want it for?

Big piles of yard waste to be used for for garden soil ammendment act differently than small amounts of kitchen scraps for waste disposal. If you can set up a big pile you can get it cooking under snow in the winter and have it usable (but not optimal) in a couple of months (a full year is better). A pile/bin of scraps that you are constantly adding to is another thing. A compost artist can get compost in a matter of weeks from that stuff while other people have a perpetual pile of garbage. If we know what you plan to have to work with I'm sure some of the artists around here can tell you what to do.

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In addition to the four pages of topics which start at

you can do an Internet search on the phrase "how to make compost" and you'll get (at last count) over 500,000 hits.

The best sources are usually the ones whose url ends in .org or .edu, and there are many.

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It is never too cold to start a compost pile. The issue is what materials you are starting with.
Some types of garbage do not store well nor transport easily. I would wait till I was in the new crib before starting a compost pile or bin. It would seem the simpler way to go.
This is a site to help you get started if your a visual learner like me.
And one site with video.

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