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Veggie Compost?

Hi pplz. I was wondering if it was okay to compost veggies. There are
several different composts. On is full of ash and veggies, on is Chicken
"waste" and veggies, on is only leaves and the other is only veggies. I
just wanted to ask some questions about the composts. Like if its okay to compost veggies.
And I was also wonder how mold affects you compost.
^__^ thank you.

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veggies are ok

I know of no reason not to compost veggies except to eat them of course.

I think you'll find it to your advantage to mix all your ingredients instead of segregating like you described. Especially the ash. The fine particles of ash will smother the process so you want to spread that stuff as thinly as possible through out your bins or piles. Ash is alkaline but I think you'll find that is pretty much negated by the compost process.

two cents

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Thank you ^_^

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Avoid large quantities (buckets) of ash. It is mostly lime and will drastically affect the pH of the compost, and later, your soil. I would add it to your soil only after a soil test.

You want the mold/fungus. Fungus is what breaks down woody plant material (browns). It is also a major factor in breaking down everything else. It can work under low moisture conditions when bacteria can't.

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too much ash in a really clay-ey soil can de-floculate the clay, too, which makes it even more water-impervious tha usual - bad scene for gardening.

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But wood ash is also a good organic source of potassium and humates and is generally safe in smaller quantities. No chemically treated logs or pellets, and no coal! (yes, unfortunately there IS a reason to say that...)

Scott Reil

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