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Compost Inoculant?

I found a website which claims to sell an inoculant containing various bacteria and fungi to add to compost. Does anyone have any experience with such a product? It's relatively cheap and I figure it can't hurt, but I'm relatively new to really composting (vs. piling up yard waste and hoping it decomposes). I am planning on building a 55 gallon drum composter and am wondering if this inoculant is worth the cost?

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Can't recommend store bought inoculates

I can't recommend buying anything for bio-remediation process known as composting. It is compost after all.

All the microbes required for your bio-remediation scheme are already present in the air and all the ingredients, whatever they may be, that you intend to use already have the necessary microbes resident.

The various experts on the matter, I am far from expert, indicate that inoculates, accelerants are simply unnecessary.

I do however boost my operations regularly by peeing in mine.

Save your money for a compost thermometer and limit your expenses there.

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