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Good soil mixture for my tomatos?

This upcoming spring I'll be growing tomatoes and i want my soil to be just right. so far I've come up with this mixture

1 bale of pro-mix BX w/bio
8 cups bone meal
4 cups blood meal
1-1/3 cup epsom salts
3-4 cups dolomite lime
4 cups kelp meal
25 pounds pure worm castings

I think this should turn out ok. am i missing anything, to little too much?

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Soil amendment is certainly a local issue.
I am no chemist, but I see nothing in here to stop the tomatos from thriving.
This does look like the more expensive route for your gardening ideas.
If money is no object, then do our local nursery and garden supply stores a favor and buy, buy, buy.
Please provide pictures of the results.

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this is an odd thread to be in the compost forum... :?:

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25 lb worm castings...

I *suppose* worm castings can be purchased (I've never looked), but all of mine come from my little invertebrate helpers!

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Here are picture of my tomatoes on my lanai here in North Florida you may find interesting. They're from sucker cuttings I took from my tomatoes before we lost our fall garden with the eartly hard freeze in October. I put them in pots filled with my worm compost, which is a blend of peat moss and horse manure processed by the worms. I fertilize them with nothing but Pure Worm Castings organic fertilizer and VermaPlex, a liquid soil admendment made from the pure castings.

I had to add string along the ceiling to hold them. Guess they'll grow until it gets too hot come spring. These pictures were taken 1-11-09.



The "soil" seems to be doing a good job.

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