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Teabags in Compost

I just started composting this year, and I was wondering if it is okay to put teabags in my compost. I have been throwing them in with the little string and paper attached, is this bad?

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I've been putting teabags into my compost bin for years and years. The label, the string, the bag, and the tea leaves all disappear.

So it's fine: coffee filters and coffee grounds will also disappear. :)

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tea bags are brown

Yeah add tea bags withe string and tags. They use tea leaves so they are browns if that makes any difference in your mix. Coffee filters readily break down and are brown also.

Coffee grounds are green in my book.

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Throw tea bags in your compost pile the whole thing will break down. also used coffee grounds and filters are an good addition to your compost bin.

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I throw in the whole thing with tab string and bag. Warning! Do not add the bags from the tea "pillows"! They're made of nylon and won't decompose! For those I split them open and compost just the tea leaves.

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