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compost tea

:) Can anybody tell me what compost tea is?
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Check out this link


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I just tried a compost tea this week. I used a 2.5 gal bucket and had 1/2 water and 1/2 compost. I let it sit for 5 days (stirred daily) then strained and diluted. I have to say the smell was a little more than I anticipated :shock: . I have read that some more serious gardeners than myself use aquarium equipment to areate (bubble) the water and I think that reduces the odor. I was worried about spraying my plants but thought what the heck - if I got through the straining process, I was for sure using the stuff. It has been 3 days and my plants have not burned and seem to be doing fine.

Hope this was helpful. :wink:

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Reading the Wiki article, there's a statement that the "traditional" European compost tea (minus all the weird equipment some people use nowadays) was 1 part compost to 3 - 9 parts water, let steep for 3 to 24 days, strain out the compost and use the water as fertilizer or spray.

1 to 1 would make more of a slurry than a spray, it seems to me.

Whenever I mix worm "tea," I just put a little into the watering can and add water. The mix is light tea colored. I water the plants. I haven't spray the foliage yet with any of this stuff; by the time I've gone to the worm bin, filled the watering can, etc., I just want to feed the plants.

Maybe next season?

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The tea method is a excellent way to make a compost solution if you do not mind a little extra work. Plants love the compost tea.

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Thank you

Thank you for all your responses :D
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Hi there - a great way to avoid physically straining the compost out of your new tea is to put the compost in a plastic bag with holes in it and let the bag sit in a bucket filled with water. Another great idea for a smaller batch is to use an old pair of stockings. Just pull the bag or stocking out of the bucket when your tea has steeped :wink: and you are good to go!

Happy Composting :D

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