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Re: Somebody needs to start a nursery!

No, but I end up going places where people recognize me from the garden sales and ask me if we have or will grow certain items.

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No, I don't have those problems; but if I did, I'd probably start more seeds and take advantage of it. I live on a single-lane dead-end road that runs off a single-lane dead-end road way back off the main road. The only people that see my property are two families that live beyond me at the end of the road and I don't think they have gardens.

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Haha, I guess you need to grow some that you won't be attached to, Marlingardener. :P ...But I definitely know what you mean about all the care you've lavished on them. :D

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IDK about a nursery but I was considering opening a farm stand last summer. Selling transplants for $2 each or whatever doesn't seem like it would be worth it, you would need a large greenhouse. Even then the costs of the pots, mix, seed... but you could sell organic for extra $. Though I am happy to give the extras away.

I really think about buying a farm sometimes... but I only have experience with a garden.

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Hey, they asked. I used to have people just walk off with my bonsai.

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Thanks for the chuckle MG!
Now, in a more real tone, $3 for a 4" plant start or 6 pack sounds like a deal. Factor in lights, equipment, then pots, dirt, seeds, and space, leaves below min wage for grower.

In a more serious and downer tone, sometimes it seems with this group if a person doesn't grow all from seed is a lesser being. It's OK to buy some starts, direct sow others! Look at ones own situation budgeting time, space, expertise, and of course money.

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A number of local people grow starts and sell them from there small farms here.
No one who does not come down our shared road who does not belong here. Well maybe once or twice, once we had a group who were visiting some one down the road walk down site seeing, they walked right by the privet road sign.

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Sometimes I wish people would ask to buy some of my plants. I grow some to sell and every year I end up sticking a bunch in the ground around the house. Right now I've got several small plants that need new homes.

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