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Spring is here early!!!!

Trees are budding and flowering, bulbs are coming up and flowering, it has beed 50's to the 60's out. The good news is we still have a good snow pack and will have water this year. The fire season may not be as bad as well. But I want some more powder days skiing.

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Yep! The robins were back a couple weeks ago, that's a pretty good sign.

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Actually, it probably means we are in for another long hot summer, so the seasons will be a little off and planting dates will be earlier. So, yes indeed, an early Spring.

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My concern for our very mild winter and what looks to be an early spring is the amount of pests that weren't killed off by the cold and will be back with strong numbers when it really gets warm. I find that the years when our winters are mild, the late spring/summer months find the garden being attacked by all sorts of bugs and in huge numbers.

And yes, I'm also concerned about how much it will cost to stay relatively cool this summer with the price of electricity and the A/C running overtime.

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We're having an unseasonable warm up here too. Nice, but it could mean the fruit trees will burst into bloom, then will come the usual hard freeze that will kill the fruit. Happens more often than not around here. The juniper is in full bloom, and consequently, so are the allergies to it of most of the people I know.

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Up here in BC some flowers have been blooming for the last two weeks! This happened last year too!

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Here is proof that spring IS on the way. Landfall!!!! Nothing is more exciting for me. I watch this map starting in January and FINALLY sightings along the coast. They're here ....................

ETA ~ gumbo, keep your eyes peeled!

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Still below freezing overnight here, but good weather for maple syrup! That's a sure sign spring is coming. The longer the stretch of above freezing days and below freezing nights the longer the sap runs.

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