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Re: Christmas gift ideas

This year's gift baskets have a selection from: apple jelly, apple butter (home made from our own apples), sweet and hot pepper jelly, rhubarb jelly, sage blackberry jam, about ten different herbal tea blends (I have posted recipes here somewhere), three varieties of home made soaps (lavender/ eucalyptus, rose/ floral, teakwood/eucalyptus) in fancy shapes, lavender and/or orange almond biscotti, christmas cookies for the ones that are not getting mailed. Possibly some will have a bottle of our local organic wine from Georgia Winery. Some year I would love it to be home made wine, but not there yet. For decoration a sprinkling of store bought gold wrapped chocolates. All arranged nicely in baskets and wrapped in saran and ribboned....

No pictures, because not done yet. Today I did the soaps. Tomorrow I will do the biscotti and cookies and arrange things and hopefully get the ones that are going to Calif and New Mexico in the mail.

Incidentally, if you check the thrift stores, I have always found nice baskets, priced anywhere from fifty cents to $5. Considering that similar things new in stores are $20 and up, its a great deal.

I also did some knit projects -- small car seat/ stroller blankets for the twins and an infinity scarf for their mom. Memo to self: If you do home made Christmas gifts, start before Thanksgiving!!

Just as a bonus, here's a picture of one of my twin granddaughters, now 15 months old
Simone Christmas cropped.JPG
I love that picture so much. I'm thinking of printing it and framing it. Maybe two, one for me and one for the parents....

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ADORABLE!! Definitely a frame-worthy photo. Thanks for sharing - I want to reach in and give her a big hug! :D

...but now you need another one — equally good photo of the other twin, no?

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I always panic near Christmas 'cause I never know what to get my family. Gift cards are getting dangerous to get, so those are out. Since crocheting is a hobby of mine, I have given a home-made afghan and some scarves in the past. Sometimes it's best to give money, so the person can go buy their own gift. :>

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