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Disappearing post

Why would a post be deleted?
There was a post on here in which KeeWee mentioned
that BugNut was no longer with us. Now it is gone???

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Re: Disappearing post

Protecting a member's privacy, even a past member, is a reason why we would remove a discussion.

That discussion was asking questions about a member that could not be answered without divulging personal details. That would be an invasion of their privacy. After discussing it first with the original poster of that discussion I removed the discussion in order to protect that other member's privacy.

We don't normally remove posts, there is seldom a reasonable cause for it. But when we do remove a post you can be assured there's a good reason for it, like protecting someone's privacy or someone is being rude to another member.

I encourage you to read our posting guidelines for more information. It will answer any other moderation questions. Our posting guidelines are here. They're quite unlike any other posting guidelines you may have read elsewhere ( although I am aware that an admin from another gardening forum "borrowed" portions of it, lol). I encourage you to read it, it'll answer questions as to our friendly community culture.

It is also our policy that questions about the moderation policy be directed to the moderators directly by private message. So if you have further questions I'll be happy to discuss that in private, although I suspect I have answered your question. ;)

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