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Re: Unexpected Home Improvement Projects

I hate people dumping garbage at my house. I find cups, candy wrapper, and cigarette packages stuck in my hedge and plastic bags in my yard. Somebody once went to church, came out and cleaned their car and dumped everything on the curb including used baby diapers. When the neighbors were moving out they dumped all of their trash in my can. I usually take out an empty can and fill it in the morning and there wasn't any room for my trash, a 13 gallon bag.

Usually my neighbor lets me borrow space in his can. Usually he only has grass in it. I asked for a second can. I can fill a can in an hour especially at this time of the year when I have to do the tree pruning or heading off. I try to put out at least one can on green day. Most of the time it isn't because I don't have enough trash or space in the can, but the time to actually go out there and fill it.

At the community garden plot, I usually spend about 3 hours there watering and weeding. I can fit 3 large bags in the back seat of my car (about 80 lbs) and I drive it to the composting facility about 10 minutes away. If my friend comes and I get an early enough start on Sunday, he has a truck and I can get more bags filled and loaded before they close.

At the community garden my plot is on the outside. I have leaf mulch that has been dumped right outside my gate, so have to park the car a little farther away. This stuff should be gone fairly fast. In the past people have dropped off bags of weeds and logs and palms which are not wanted. I usually have to take the time to scrape them away and repile them so I have a place to park my car.

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Wow I am thankful for my neighbors. Motor oil, what an ----- head.

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