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Pie-bald deer s ... -are-they/

I was coming home this morning and saw a deer with a white body and brown spots, it had a brown head. it's head was all brown more than the photo with this link. I had never seen a deer like this beore.

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Here in my little area of Culpeper, VA, we seem to have a mini-environment for odd White-tail deer.

Several years ago I saw a large deer that was completely white except for the couple of black stripes on the outer surface of its tail. At first I thought it was a cow, a Great Pyrenees dog, etc., etc. Only when it lifted its head did I realize it was a deer. Disappeared into the brush & I never saw it again.

Then in 2013 we had a doe give birth to a dwarf fawn on our property. He was the size of a Jack Russell Terrier, & at first sight I actually did think he was a dog scampering around the doe. We called him "Stumpy" & notified/questioned the VA Fish & Game folks about it. Turns out it does happen from time to time, but they asked us to keep an eye on it. While we did see "Stumpy" from time to time growing up, once Fall hunting season hit - nada. This Spring we had a "Stumpy II" born, & again advised Fish & Game about it & semi-jokingly asked them if perhaps we should stop drinking the water - lol!! Again they asked us to keep an eye out for his/her progress, but our last spotting of him/her was about 3-4 weeks ago. Nothing since then.

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