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They're trying to wash us away

Multiple thunder storms and deluges daily since Wednesday of last week. More to come every day through at least Sunday.

How are you hanging Catgrass?

I have to put on my rubber boots and slicker just to dump the kitchen scraps in the compost bin.

The yard is mush. The grass is wild. The weeds are loving the rain.

Enough already! :evil:

Reminds me of a line from Aaron Neville's song about the flood of 1927 - "They're trying to wash us away".

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Re: They're trying to wash us away

Drowning here. My veg. garden is almost underwater-the slugs and snails are taking over-everything is growing temendously fast-and I can't ever get the whole yard cut before it rains again! I'm afraid when the sun finally comes out everything will burn!

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Re: They're trying to wash us away

We are blowing away up here. Even though we have had snow showers a week or so ago, the wind has taken most of the moisture away. 50 mph gusts for many days now and it doesn't look like it is suppose to let up this week. We are under a fire ban. I tilled my garden yesterday and it is very very dry.

Is it not strange, how mother nature treats us all so differently? Here's hoping the wind blows some of your rain our way.

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Re: They're trying to wash us away

Hey, I think you got some of the rain that was supposed to have come my way on Tues and Wednesday. All I got was a few annoying sprinkles and not enough to water anything.

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