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Re: I don't like modern Christmas!!

Roger, Looks like you scared every one off.

You mentioned holiday. Way back in time I had a Hair Stying Salon, a Holiday is place on the head where a stylist missed or forgot to cut the hair.

This is a list of holidays in the Papua New Guinea.
Date English Name
January 1 New Year's Day
March 29 Good Friday
March 30 Easter Saturday
March 31 Easter Sunday
April 1 Easter Monday
June 10 Queen's Birthday
July 23 National Remembrance Day
August 26 National Day of Repentance
September 16 Independence Day
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 Boxing Day

I'm not fond of Boxing Day, everything is closed, it's hard to find a place to buy even a roasted bat. Myself I won't eat bat, but Flying fox is worth trying.

You would be surprised how devout they are at Lotu during XMASS.


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Re: I don't like modern Christmas!!

There seems to be a common theme - holidays - especially Christmas - have very personal, family oriented traditions. Emphasis on FAMILY! That is my joy. No BAH HUMBUG here. I could easily ditch Halloween. That is BAH HUMBUG.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are sacred to our family. Large gatherings, too much food, lots of laughter, hugs, kisses and fellowship. A remembrance of the meaning of the holiday. Be it a reminder of our roots as a nation - Thanksgiving or the Christian reminder of the birth of Christ and his ascension celebrated at Easter - We rejoice in the celebration and we pray as a family.


Probably offended someone some where.

Regardless of your beliefs there are days for family celebration. To me that is what is important - Family Celebration. I am blessed with an amazing family. We thrive on family gatherings. An occasional Sunday dinner at Mom's is an occasion for celebration.

Holidays are precious to me. They speak of family and friends and shared time and memories. We rejoice in the spirit of the holiday be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter.

A simple Sunday dinner or a major Holiday Family Gathering - we rejoice in each other and take time to give thanks for our blessings.

Merry Christmas, Happy Honokaa, Happy Cuanza, Joyful Winter Solstice. Whatever you choose to celebrate may it be filled with family, love and laughter.

BTW - bless the cooks!!

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Re: I don't like modern Christmas!!

Well, here on Hoo-ha and Foo, I doubt if anyone objects to families celebrating together. When they share common beliefs, it's likely to make the sense of family and of these celebrations more meaningful.

In my lifetime, I have seen the nature of US celebrations shift just a little. It hasn't all been in some unfortunate direction. Societies evolve and mature even if traditions are, perhaps, the slowest to change. My father pointed out that the youngest family members are usually the most rigid about, "the way we have always done things." ;) Dad left the making of the New Year's omelets to me, nearly 20 years ago. (I have turned over the actual make-up of the omelets to the young people. :) )

Respect for holiday traditions which mirror our own, probably isn't very difficult. Of course, they may be significantly more complex traditions than breaking a few eggs. And, there is where traditions and people may separate ... the complexity and opinions which account for them. It hardly amounts to much to get worked up about.

Yes, they are likely to separate us. However, the pollsters tell us that 75 percent of Americans and 60-some percent of Australians consider themselves Christians so, I imagine that most of the many beliefs surrounding Christmas traditions aren't likely to offend many Americans or Australians.

Respect for Christian beliefs or any other beliefs, should be part of our maturing as adults, don't you think? And, that should go for even those in our communities or as far away as Beijing, who claim to have no religious beliefs. ... I have to be careful there with Beijing. I mean, I spent half my life spelling it "Peking." I only have a notion as to why the spelling was changed but the Latin alphabet can be a little awkward, at times.


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