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Boston bombings.

My sympathy goes out to the people and the families of the victims of the senseless act of insanity. I grew up in Boston and have stood in the very spots this happened. I would post my feelings and thoughts on this but I am going to restrain myself. :evil:

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Re: Boston bombings.

Pretty scary stuff. Especially if the other two bombs exploded and/or all four were dirty bombs. My prayers go out to the families and I too am restraining myself. Reminds me of 9/11 and I'm originally from Long Island. I've seen stuff they couldn't show on tv and those images still haunt me to this day.

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Re: Boston bombings.

NPR was saying there only were two bombs, all the rest was rumor.

Yes very sad, one of the people killed was an eight year old boy. Can't imagine what his parents are feeling.

Who could will/ want/ intend the death and injury of so many people including children? What cause can that possibly serve? I would sentence them to having to spend the rest of their lives trying to repair the damage they have done, deal with the grief, help people try to put their lives back together.

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Re: Boston bombings.

Senseless, totally senseless :(

It is so unfortunate that these types of things are all too often in the news with no real closure for the families because no one will ever really understand the why....

Prayers to anyone involved in senseless injury to others: Boston, Sandy Hook, etc.

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Re: Boston bombings.

One good thing, if there can be a good thing in this kind of situation, is how everybody rallied round to help each other. Lots of the runners helped the injured, and went off to donate blood straight away. Good to see that the majority of people are good.

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Re: Boston bombings.

Photos of two men identified by the FBI (I listened to the media presentation myself) have just been released. They're available at and

As to the motives of those who would kill and maim, from small children to elderly supporters of those participating in the Marathon, without regard.... An excellent analysis of otherwise "normal" people who do this was formulated by Eric Hoffer, the American philosopher, in his work The True Believer--Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, published in 1951 in the wake of World War II.

Since then, others have studied sociopathy and sociopaths and estimate that, worldwide, 4% of the population--that's 1 person out of every 25--is sociopathic. I've read Martha Stout's The Sociopath Next Door (read an excerpt and an interview with the author here) and discussed it with two of my sisters. All three of us agree that our mother was, most likely, a sociopath. Her destruction was (more or less fortunately) limited to her children because she wasn't rich, powerful, energetic, or exceptionally talented or smart, for which the world should be glad. All five of her children are messed up.

But the Boston Marathon bombing's destruction has worldwide tentacles. This bombing, probably the result of True Believers + a cause which gives sociopaths (in their own minds) carte blanche to make bombs/take up assault weapons in the name of some "higher good" (remember the Norway massacres by Andres Breivik), doesn't make sense. It cannot be made to make sense. Therefore, we must pursue justice (Deuteronomy: "Justice, justice shalt thou pursue"), both against the perpetrator(s) and for the victims.

The ultimate lesson here, though, as posters before me have pointed out, is to look at the vast number of people running toward the disaster, wanting to help in any way they possibly can:

--tearing down barricades so that medical assistance can be rendered more quickly,
--handing out space blankets to people in shock so that they won't succumb to hypothermia,
--holding hands so that the injured know they aren't alone, and
--in ways we will never know simply because there were (and are) so many of them.

This compassion elevates us above the destroyers. I'm a quilter; most quilters in North America (and probably the world) have made enough quilts for their family. Now we make quilts to help cover the pain of the world. Please find a way to help, whether for Boston or elsewhere or your own community. It's the best thing people ever do for one another: share and help one another, from the deep well of compassion.

Cynthia H.

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Re: Boston bombings.

Thank you Cynthia - most eloquent. I can not say much more or my post will be pulled. My thoughts and prayers are with the victems and their families, all of Boston. All of the first responders and the bystanders have my respect and admiration.

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