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Re: Preaching to the choir

If you know someone who is considering getting such a gift for their child, please try to discourage them. Stuffed toys are so much better![/quote]

Turducken? Yum!

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I would say the same thing for baby bunnies. We have the same problem every year at the Humane Society. About a month after Easter we start getting people surrendering their unwanted rabbits. Many have to be euthanized because they are ill or injured due to improper keeping and care, and many were sick to begin with due to being purchased from bad "breeders."

It is so sad to see this. We do not accept birds at the AHS, but people still do leave their ducklings and chicks in boxes in the parking lot and they are almost always destroyed. :cry:

Pets never make a good gift and people should always make long term considerations and preparations before bringing any animal into their home. No animal should face euthanasia because it is unwanted.

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Agree. Live animals are not appropriate easter gifts. I also avoid candy for my nieces, nephews, and grands. They get summer toys. Water guns, bubble machines, sidewalk chalk, slip and slide, bathing suits. water wings, life vest for the older kids so they can ride in the boat with a proper fitting life vest. Mimi does not give candy or live animals. Home made cookies and a bunny rabbit cake I will do.

I cringe when I see vendors selling live animals for easter gifts. One year my step son's mother gave him a flop eared rabbit for easter. He was living with us at the time so we built a hutch and a cage. B cared for his rabbit for a few months then lost interest. We found the poor rabbit dead in it's cage because he had failed to feed and water the poor creature. Finding his rabbit like that then having to bury it was a very hard lesson for him. I do not wish that kind of lesson on any child.

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