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Francis Barnswallow
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Does Burger King....

......still offer birthday parties? I remember when I was young we used to have birthday parties all the time at Burger King. They usually priced the food cheaper and they pretty much set the whole place up, just for us.

Just curious, do they still do that anymore or is that a thing of the past?

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I never knew they used to do this. I know some restaurants around here they will come and sing you happy birthday and even give you a free dessert.

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Jardin du Fort
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as I recall, when they did that, they had a separate room inside the dining area to have the parties in. When they put in the playgrounds (in only some stores) the separate dining rooms disappeared, so I think the parties are definitely a thing of the (long distant) past.


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They say they still do: ... rger-king/

but it doesn't give any details. If you are interested, you would have to contact your local BK.

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The hats! Do they still have the crowns?

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