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gift, produce focused

I just need to brag on my big gift, a freezer! (from kids). I had a med sized chest freezer when kids coming up and had a real garden. We were in southern IL then and had access to orchard apples and peaches.

Fast forward, just me, sometimes sharing with kids. I don't grow veggies as such, but am at the market every week with my herbs. Now I can pick up extra fresh corn, tomatoes, peaches etc. I also hope to pick up more from the meat people.

This is a small (5 cu ft) chest freezer, will go in the basement.I will add it is now in my dining room, awaiting to go down the stairs. Biggest frustration is nothing to put in it...yet!

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Congradulations on your Christmas gift and how sweet of your children to think of it. Now you can buy an extra package or 2 of any meat you use while it is on sale. I can't imagine not having a freezer.

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I know your joy in a new freezer. I do all the cooking for the wife and I and have yet to lessen the quantity when cooking, so much of it goes in a freezer for later eating. I have chicken, beef and fish stocks by the gallon in quart freezer bags stored to make my soup, stews and gumbos.

After many years of wanting a freezer and just settling for the one in my side by side refrigerator for far too long, I bit the bullet and got an upright 21 cu. ft. frost free one last fall just before Christmas.

I love buying when stuff goes on sale in the markets. Chickens have cost upwards of $1.20 a lb. but I buy them in bulk when they are on sale for $.69 a lb. Same with pork and beef-----mostly pork. I've gotten some great deals on boneless pork loins at $1.90 a lb. and pork roasts for $.89 a lb.

Then there's the extra produce of the garden that can now be frozen to add to what I always can. The only thing I have to do is get it pretty much near empty when hurricane season nears just in case there's a storm and we are without power for more than a couple days.

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What a nice gift! I have a chest freezer like that in my basement and I love it. Instead of canning everything, when I have all the tomatoes and peppers and whatnot in my garden, I make them up in to dishes like lasagna, soups, etc and freeze those. Then in the winter I can just pull out and defrost and warm up. We had garden fresh swiss chard lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner.

My seeds get stored in it. And it was a life saver this fall when the old refrigerator died and we couldn't get a new one for a week. We were able to stuff most of what was in the frig freezer into the chest one and save it.

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I love pulling out a bag of frozen vegs that were hurriedly tossed into quart and gallon zip bags previous summer during the height of harvest.
-- They are like bright summer sunshine and verdure and promise of next season and deliciousness all wrapped in one. :()

...and this new freezer is your treasure chest. ENJOY! :D

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Brag away. That is an awesome gift.

I am one of those weirdos that prefers a freezer over canning. I so miss my freezer (ex got it in the divorce).

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Wonderful gift :!: What thoughtful children.

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Nice gift, all gardeners need as much freezer space as we can get.

Counting us there are 4 families on our street, and there is a tradition of giving home made gifts, we make Christmas cookies.

The three of us kids are giving our mother new windows for Christmas, the windows in her house are old and let out too much heat. She lives out side of Boston and it gets cold there.

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