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Bitter sweet

Funny thing - I have been in contact with all of you for a very short period of time but still have a feeling of family. I miss you when when I am too busy or out of town. I found myself telling my family stories from this forum.

The sweet is the joy joy of sharing Christmas with my family especially the little ones 12 year old grandson 9 year old grandaughter, 7 year old niece, 7, 6, 5 year old great nehews and a MOST adorable 15 month old great niece.

The bitter is that my 91 year old Aunt (God Mother) died early Monday morning. She was the last of my Dad's family. 11:30 Monday evening my Brother-in-law's mother died. That was a blessing in disguuise because he and his sibs had an appointment with her doctors tomorrow to decide whether or not to take her off of life support. She spared them that decision. The rest of my week will be funerals and memorial services.

Don't mean to be a downer. My Nannie has been questioning the reasoning of her existance for the last 2 years. She died without pain. Thomas's mother was in a coma and spared her children a very difficult decision.

We had Christmas dinner at my baby sister's home. She had placed tea lites on the tables. As part of the blessing we each lighted a candle in memory of lost loved ones.

Sorry don't mean to bring anyone down. Like I said it is bitter sweet. In the long run all is good.

Merry Christmas one and all.

Miss you all

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My best to you and yours in this time of sorrow.

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ElizabethB......So sorry to hear of your losses. Always sad, but extra sad at this time of year.

Hopefully things will get better for you.

I consider my gardening buddies friends too. We all love so many of the same things.
Take care.

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Can't exactly say sorry for your losses, since it sounds like both those women died peaceful deaths at the end of long lives, but still it is always a bit sad and somehow more poignant in the midst of holiday celebrations.

Since I have been around here a long time, my family is well used to hearing the latest tales from THG.

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Sorry for your loss.

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I am sorry for your loss, Elizabeth.

It sounds like the aftermath of Thanksgiving around here. My son-in-law's mother died just a week after Thanksgiving. Everyone knew the end was coming but she did what she could and was in good spirits until nearly the end. Then, she fell and that was pretty much it.

Son-in-law is the oldest child and his mother didn't make it through her 50's! Her youngest son only left home last year. And yes, her mother attended the funeral. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Don't Smoke!


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Thank you all. You really are the best. Kate has it right - Nannie and Anne were both ready to go. We will pay our final respects and wish them well on their journey. They both lived long, full lives. They were both much loved by their family and friends. Neither of them made a huge impact on the world but they both touched lots of lives in small and precious ways.

The joy of Christmas with the next 2 generations filled my heart with hope and love.

Thank you all my friends.

I am blessed to know you all even if it is electronically. You are truly a wonderful extended family.

Looking forward to a new year. To me each one is a new beginning.

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Blessings to you and your family. May your loved ones journey on in peace, and know they were loved & left the world a better place.

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I am sorry for your family's loss, especially this time of year. I know you will miss them.

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Sigh :!: I thought I was through with saying goodby. I came home from the funeral for my sister's mother-in-law to find a message that a dear friend died last night. The funeral won't be until Monday so G will be home to attend with me. It is one thing to lose very old loved ones - it is another to lose loved ones my own age or younger. None of us know how long we have on this earth. Please dear friends make the best of every day. Live every day as if it were your last. We never know when our mission on earth is over. We never know when we will be called home. :( Make the best of every day and every time you speak to loved ones tell them that you love them. You never know when it may be the last time that you are able to say "I love you".

No condolances needed. My friend was very ill - he died from aids. He has been ready to go for a long time and had made his peace with his family and his Higher Power. I am glad that his suffering is over. He has chosen to be cremated so instead of a funeral there will be a party to honor his memory. We will all give a toast to honor his memory and speed him on his journey.

Death makes me value life. The little things. A smile, a hug, a child's laugh. A plant poking it's head out of the soil. The sound of the rain falling right now - nurturing the earth. My out of state family that all made it home safely through the bad weather Christmas day. The joy of watching my grands and my niece and my great niece and nephew. I am blessed with much joy in my life. You -my extended family - add to my joy.

I am not down - instead my heart is filled with joy that their pain is over. I am remembering all of the wonderful times shared with these very special people. I know that they have earned their place in whatever after life there is. I know that they have been reunited with their loved ones. All is good. I have to evaluate my life. Am I being the best wife, daughter, sister, stepmother, grandmother, friend that I can be? What can I do better in who knows how few or how many years that I have left? I am making notes in my journal about how to be better at all of those things. Mostly my time and attention. I need to spend more time with those I love and those that love me.

My New Years wish to all of you is the appreciation of what is truly special - family and friends. It breaks my heart to hear of families who are divided - sibblings who do not speak to each other - children alienated from their parents. If you have this situation in your life please do what ever you can to establish relationships with your family before it is too late.

Thank you all dear friends for being there.


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